The Process

​To start, we accept only the very best 911 donor cars on which to perform a conversion.  Our extensive expertise and relationships throughout the industry enable us to source those cars that are perfect to give a new electric life. 

We bring them back to pristine condition with all the structural integrity of the original and more, including upgrading safety features that meet modern day requirements for braking and acceleration. We also add features we can't live without in our modern age like power steering and aircon. 

A 9EV 911 will easily outperform the original in power and handling. We put all our cars through a rigorous testing regime which certifies the balance and handling before the cars are driven and authorised for daily use.​ 

The charging infrastructure in the UK is now moving at a pace - and even more so, since the 2030 deadline has been set for phasing out of petrol vehicles.  Not to mention, that our cars can be charged with ease at your own home.  You do not have to wait until empty .... you can charge your car like your phone. ​

A fully restored and converted 9EV comes with a full Warranty.​

You can visit our workshop and showroom near Bury St Edmunds where a 9EV is available to test drive by appointment.