The Engineering

Over a long research and development phase, we have ensured that the alterations and modifications required to transform a Classic 911 into a 9EV have been optimised.  We can confidently take a quality donor car and with combined expertise drawn from top specialists in the field, convert to a cleaner, better version of its former self.  

We use the latest, tried and tested technology in the electric automotive industry. Our highly skilled mechanics are experienced in Porsche engineering and collaborate with the pre-eminent experts in the electric vehicle industry. 9EV combine the two imperatives of form and function to create a modern day, more conscious reality and future for these iconic cars.​

The bodywork has undergone a rigorous programme of restoration with braking and suspension upgrades.  Our tried and tested procedure for electrification takes place and the whole car is precisely detailed to ensure a beautiful new existence for a car that can be driven every day.